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Chhattisgarh State [CG], India
List of Pin Code (Postal Code, Zip Code, Pincode)

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S. No. Area Name Pincode
1 C M D College Bilaspur 495001
2 Chakrabhata Camp 495220
3 Chall 496665
4 Champa 495617
5 Champa R S 495617
6 Champaran 492107
7 Chandrakhuri 491050
8 Chandrapur (Bilaspur) 495692
9 Charma 494337
10 Charmudia 492104
11 Chauria 495685
12 Chetha 496230
13 Chhui Khadan 491885
14 Chhuri 495448
15 Chhuria 491558
16 Chhurra 493996
17 Chichola (Durg) 491557
18 Chindgarh 494113
19 Chirimiri 497449
20 Chirimiri Colly West 497773
21 Chote Kapsi 494771
22 Churcha Colliery 497339

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