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VarType Function - Visual Basic 6.0 (VB 6.0)

Returns an Integer indicating the subtype of a variable.
Parameter Description
varname Required. Any variable name except user-defined type.

VarType Function's return value:
Constants Value Description
vbEmpty 0 Empty (uninitialized)
vbNull 1 Null (no valid data)
vbInteger 2 Integer
vbLong 3 Long Integer
vbSingle 4 Single
vbDouble 5 Double
vbCurrency 6 Currency value
vbDate 7 Date value
vbString 8 String
vbObject 9 Object
vbError 10 Error value
vbBoolean 11 Boolean value (Zero and Non-zero)
vbVariant 12 Variant. (Array Only)
vbDataObject 13 A data access object.
vbByte 17 Byte
vbUserDefinedType 36 Variants that contain user-defined types
vbArray 8192 Array

Return Data type:

Dim vVar, vStr as String, vInt as Integer, vLng as Long, vSng as Single, vTxt as TextBox
Dim vArray(), vStrArray as String

Statement Result Remark
VarType(vVar) 0 Empty
VarType(abcd) 0 uninitialized
VarType(vStr) 8 String
VarType(vInt) 2 Integer
VarType(vLng) 3 Long Integer
VarType(vSng) 4 Single
VarType(vTxt) 9 Object
VarType(Text1) 8 String (Text1 returns Text property value)
VarType(Text1.Text) 8 String
VarType(vArray) 8204 Array + Variant (8192 + 12)
VarType(vStrArray) 8200 Array + String (8192 + 8)
VarType("abcd") 8 String
VarType(1) 2 Integer
VarType(1.5) 5 Double
VarType(5 > 10) 11 Boolean (False)
VarType(-1) 2 Integer
VarType(null) 1 Null
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