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StrConv Function - Visual Basic 6.0 (VB 6.0)

Returns a converted string as specified.
StrConv(string, conversion[, LCID])
Parameter Description
string Required. String expression to be converted.
conversion Required. Integer. The sum of values specifying the type of conversion to perform.
LCID Optional. The LocaleID, if different than the system LocaleID. (The system LocaleID is the default.)

StrConv Function's conversion argument:
Constants Value Description
vbUpperCase 1 Convert to uppercase.
vbLowerCase 2 Convert to lowercase
vbProperCase 3 Converts the first letter of every word in string to uppercase.
vbWide 4 Converts narrow (single-byte) characters in string to wide (double-byte) characters.
vbWide 8 Converts wide (double-byte) characters in string to narrow (single-byte) characters.
vbWide 16 Converts Hiragana characters in string to Katakana characters.
vbWide 32 Converts Katakana characters in string to Hiragana characters.
vbWide 64 Converts the string to Unicode using the default code page of the system.
vbWide 128 Converts the string from Unicode to the default code page of the system.

Return Data type:

Statement Result Remark
StrConv("How are you?", 1) HOW ARE YOU? vbUpperCase
StrConv("How are you?", 2) how are you? vbLowerCase
StrConv("How are you?", 3) How Are You? vbProperCase
StrConv("abcd", 4) abcd  
StrConv("abcd", -1) Error Invalid procedure call or argument
StrConv("abcd", null) Error Invalid use of Null
StrConv(null, 2) Null  
StrConv(True, 3) Tru  
StrConv(False, 3) Fal  
StrConv("abcd", True) Error Invalid procedure call or argument
StrConv("abcd", False)   Empty String
StrConv(unknown, 3)   Empty String

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